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The Spray Foam Process

Spray foam roofing is applied using 3 simple steps. Well, although it appears to be so simple anyone can do it, we highly recommend using an approved contractor to install your coating to ensure the roof warranty will be applicable.

1. Clean, Prime, and Prep

Spray Foam Over Metal Roofing

All roof surfaces to be covered must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt. High pressure washing is recommended. In some cases, such as existing metal roofs, priming and roof surface preparation may be required to ensure good adhesion and smooth application. Once the roof substrate is properly cleaned, primed, and prepped, then the roof is ready to accept the application of the spray foam insulation material.

2. Spray Foam Application

SPF Rooing Insulation

Spray foam roofing is sprayed in place. At least 1" or more of high density spray foam insulation is applied to your roofing without seams, cracks, or fasteners. This creates a monolithic, seamless seal that greatly reduces susceptibility to leaking. These roofing systems are self-flashing and conform to difficult, tight-fit areas of a roof. This unique feature offers a faster and easier installation compared to traditional asphalt roofing. Once this step is complete, then the final phase of top coating can begin.

3. Elastomeric Top Coating Application

Roof Coating for Spray Foam Insulation

In order to complete the job, your approved spray foam roofing contractor will apply one or two coats of an elastomeric (rubberized) roof coating over the entire roof surface. This final step protects the spray foam under-layer from the harsh elements of wind, rain, and the extremely destructive heat from the sun. Reputable spray foam contractors will be able to offer a manufacturer's backed warranty for both the labor and materials for the roof coatings and spray foam under-layment that should cover your new energy efficient spray foam roofing system for years to come.

Contact us for more information or to find a reputable spray foam roofing contractor in your area.

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